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the gym

St. Landry Barbell is a 1200sqft old school, hardcore strength and conditioning facility with equipment catered to strength training, barbell movements, and powerlifting.

Watch a brief gym tour video here:

Short list of equipment:
- Rogue RML-690 Racks
- Rep Fitness PR-4000 Rack
- Valor Comp. Combo Rack
- Bells of Steel Belt Squat
- Rogue ML Comp. Bench
- Bodysmith Legpress/Hacksquat Combo
- 45-Degree Back Extension
- Glute-Ham Developer
- Nordic Track Treadmill
- 1800lbs. of Calibrated Comp. Plates
- Dumbells up to 125lbs.

Specialty Bars:
- Texas Power Bars
- Kansas Power Bar
- Texas Deadlift Bar
- Ohio Deadlift Bar
- Texas Squat Bars
- Safety Squat Bar
- Sorinex Rackable Trap Bar

If you want to see the gym before you signup or have any questions at all, please reach out to us!

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